Whether you are just beginning your agile transformation journey or learning how to scale Agile practices to an enterprise, Mindful Agile offers the hands-on experiential learning needed to create an Agile organization.

We are professionally trained and certified in Agile, Lean, Scaling, and Professional Coaching. We leverage in-depth knowledge and
“on-the-ground” real world experience to train within every level of an organization. Our proven systems approach towards consulting, coaching and training, focuses across the enterprise. Our students develop a rich understanding of what it is to be Agile.

Whether your goal is to reduce time-to-market, increase customer
satisfaction, reduce defects and productivity, we will partner with you
to design a training plan to reach your business objectives.

Course and Workshop Offerings


Certified and non certified Scrum Master and Product Owner classes available.


Experience a highly interactive workshop as you learn to implement Kanban within your teams. This workshop will provide you with a foundation of lean principles and practices implementable immediately in your organization.


Learn how Lean principles and flow can dramatically increase team and corporate performance.

Agile Leadership

Teams can only move as fast as leaders. Learn how current leadership patterns constrain agile teams and what agile leaders need to do to effectively accelerate teams. This workshop goes way beyond servant leadership and allows you to embrace your current style as you transform your entire leadership approach.

Enterprise Strategy and Alignment

Aligning the enterprise while taking on a transformation is critical. This workshop is designed to walk you through the patterns necessary to align Enterprise Vision to the Portfolio, Program and Teams backlogs.

Innovation Lab

This workshop is designed to experience industry leading innovation lab tools, practices and techniques. You’ll also learn/experience how Lean Startup techniques can accelerate your business outcomes. This is a hands on workshop, to make things more ‘real’ we encourage you to bring actual challenges.

Scrum @ Scale

Scrum @ Scale is a light weight scaling approach that is customized to each organization. It’s highly flexible due to it’s fractal nature. This workshop is designed to help you get off the starting blocks of your Scum @ Scale implementation.