Mindful Agile Transformation

An organizational transformation is hard work requiring a
commitment from those within the company to let go of what
they think they know, their prejudices, judgements, and “old ways” of
doing things in order to create a new container from which we can
collectively design a future state.

Change requires leadership at every level…starting at the top.  We’re not talking about delegation from the C-Suite to proxy change agents…we’re talking about leaders at every level actively participating in the
transformation of the company via a “leader-leader” model empowering
and enabling those closest to the work to make decisions and execute

Mindful Agile Coaching leverages experience, tools, and skills to co-create
and mature your transformation while weaving innovation throughout the process.  What we don’t do is come in with a prescriptive model, drop
in an Agile framework, do some training and expect an organizational transformation will occur…it doesn’t!

“People don’t resist change, they resist being changed!”

Peter Senge